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Who is a Foxcroft Girl?

We Are Proud, Bold, Confident.

A century ago, this school was founded for us — for girls. And it’s here we grow confident, and compare ourselves to no one. 

We embrace our uniqueness and cultivate our strengths. Together, we shape a future where we lead with purpose and passion.


The footprint of Foxcroft girls before us lead us to run, explore, learn, love, and most of all, leave our own mark.

With no limit to our passions and dreams, we are...







Intrinsic girl energy. Foxcroft runs on it.

It's not by chance that we live and learn here.

Boarding Students

a group of students play a card game around a table

Day Students

two students look at a computer in a dorm room

International Students

three international students smile for the camera


This is Girl Energy

There is nothing quite like coming to campus and meeting Foxcroft students and members of the community. Your CAP (our student tour guides) will guide you through a tour of campus and answer any questions you have.

Come Experience It For Yourself


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These are Girl Goals

Our girls have goals! Whether she competes as an Olympic rider, enrolls at Columbia, or pursues her entrepreneurial spirit, Foxcroft girls accomplish what they want — here, in college, and in life.

See Where Our Students Go Beyond Foxcroft

a student holds up her diploma to her cheering classmates
student poses with her college shirt highlighting that she's going to Elon

Every Foxcroft girl is a part of a community that sees the greatness within each student, even if that student has yet to discover it for herself. Lexie W., Class of 2016